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Call for donations and temporary accommodation for flood victims with Parkinson’s disease

We are deeply moved by the suffering of the people in the flooded areas and want to help especially those victims who suffer from Parkinson’s disease or other severe neurodegenerative diseases. They have lost not only their house or apartment but also the vital support provided by a familiar environment.

The YUVEDO Foundation is making EUR 10,000 available as immediate aid for particularly affected people, and is working hard to find suitable transitional living places, e.g. in dementia residential communities. With the support of our Board of Trustees members Dr. Katarina Barley and Elmar Brok, we will coordinate as closely as possible with the crisis teams to ensure that the aid is used to the best possible effect.

Donations can be made to: Yuvedo Foundation, HVB, IBAN: DE35 1002 0890 0030 2294 79.

Please send any information about suitable temporary accommodation to: office@yuvedofoundation.de.


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