Take part in our #slowrun2020

Patron: Jens Spahn, Federal Minister for Health

The world’s longest online relay race.

Parkinson’s patients are at particularly high risk from the coronavirus. This is why we hope you can take part in our #slowrun2020 – We Slow Down So That Parkinson’s Research Can Speed Up. 

To reach as many people as possible we want everybody to share their videos on social media with the hashtags: #slowrun2020 and #imaslowrunner. For more video inspiration visit @slowrun2020 on Instagram.

To support the #slowrun2020 donate 10 Euros (or more) on

Donations go into YUVEDO Foundation supported ‘CURE’ projects such as Parkinson’s research, so that the search for a therapy accelerates and ‘CARE’ projects which support Parkinson’s patients and their carers in their day-to-day lives. Parkinson’s patients are particularly affected by the current Corona crisis and we want to help – and fast!