Better regulation, more research

Currently, we are trying to diminish the symptoms of Parkinson’s and are teaching people, that were diagnosed with the disease, to live with it (tips to live with Parkinson’s). Based on the founders’ legal, economic and competition-theory experience, the foundation works on the evaluation of the existing regulatory and framework conditions for research into (curative) causal therapies.

We are currently seeking donations for the preparation of a comprehensive, expert-led (health-) economic treatise on the question of a possible (and suspected) market failure regarding the development of (causal) therapies for neuro-degenerative diseases, in particular Parkinson’s disease.

The aim is to compensate for any actual market failure, if necessary by creating risk mitigation measures such as a risk fund, in order to re-establish sufficient incentives for pharmaceutical start-ups as well as for big pharma to invest sustainably in the topic of curing Parkinson’s disease.